HD6XX complementing headphone?

I have a 6XX and love it for jazz and classical music. I purchased an HE400se recently based on all their hype, and determined that they’re just not for me. The soundstage and detail is great, but they’re a bit too bright and not bassy enough for my liking.

I’m looking for something to complement the 6XXs, with more bass and a bigger soundstage. I plan on using these for gaming (not competitive in any way) and tracks with more bass than what I play on my Senns. I listen to music through my laptop>Fiio K5 Pro, and use EQ (but not for gaming since that’s through consoles only). I’d like to keep the budget around the $300 mark.

Thanks for any advice!

The 6XX has great mids. It sounds like what you want in a complementary headphone would be more of a V-shaped sound signature, but not too bright.

Have you considered the Beyerdynamic TYGR 300R? I own them and they are my staple go-to for gaming: elevated bass, V-shaped but non-sibilant treble, wide soundstage and fantastic imaging. They’re $180 right now on Beyerdynamic’s website.

EDIT: I should add they’re also very easy to drive.

I mentioned in that other response that pads are important. I’d say go for the brainwavz XL micro suede gaming pads Here
They drastically up the bass and tone the treble down a little and the mids are left at a slight bump to match. Don’t give up on those headphones until you outgrow your source chain. I promise pads will improve them. If you are willing to wait do the aliexpress 115mm leathers and they’re pretty good too and like $8

Sounds like it has the attributes you’re seeking, check into them.

Ok, you’ve convinced me :). I’ve ordered the Brainwavz pads. Based on the countless hours of YouTube videos I’ve watched I think the Argon Mk3s would be right up my alley in this price range, but they seem to be too power-hungry for my Fiio. Also it’s a bummer they’re so popular and the lead time is 3 1/2 months.

Maybe one day I’ll convince myself that I’m OK dropping the $ on some LCD2Cs…

I know it’s a dumb and petty reason, but the big logo and name on the side is off-putting to me as it edges the aesthetic close to a “gamer” vibe.

However, the new 700/900 Pro Xs look really slick.

Also, do the Brainwavz give you more ear room than the tiny stock pads?

Yeah lots more room. Both wider and deeper.

Do you EQ any differently with these pads and grill replacement vs oratory’s regular EQ for the 400se?

i would say so but i actually never put the time into an eq profile for them. i think i was lazy and did like an arya one and tweeked it a little