HD800s or DT1990 Pro

Hi ya’ll. I was wondering what would be the better option among the two? Currently using DT1990 paired w Zen dac. It’s okay but am looking for an “end game” upgrade.

Just ordered the Monolith desktop Dac/amp, so I’m thinking of either keeping my DT1990 Pro or upgrading to the HD800s. (if you guys have better suggestions that would be great as well)

What would you guys pick among the two? Will primarily use these for gaming, music and movies.

HD800s is a soundstage monster and that’s the only “endgame” thing about it. There are better options at that price point.

Either keep the DT1990, or try Focal Elex which is cheaper than HD800s but the quality control may worry you. Or try ZMF Auteur.

In my opinion Sennheiser’s 6 seires are better than the 8 series (HD800/800s/820), but they’re more of a side-grade compared to DT1990.

For gaming and movies, the HD800S will beat the DT1990 hands down. Not even a comparison imo.

For music, HD800S does some music VERY well, like classical and instrumental music however it is not as enjoyable over the wider spectrum of music - you’'d get a better experience I think using the balanced pads on the DT1990.

For the price you pay for the 800S, I wouldn’t recommend that being your first and only +1$k can - there are better options out there like the Arya for instance. Haven’t heard the Elex but I know people that keep it around in their tier of headphones which includes VC’s and Diana’s.

What music do you listen to? As that’d determine more of what sound signature you’d like out of them.

As for gaming, both are good choices and really depend on the game that you play as to what would be better.

Tbh if I were you I’d probably switch out that thx amp that you’ve ordered for something better and getting a nice amp & dac stack and pairing it with something that fits your preferences more if you’re not liking the 1990 (which is supposed to be great for gaming).

One last question, what don’t you like about the 1990 & zen dac combo? As that will also give a good insight into what you want to go for.

Music I listen to are more of the indie, electronic stuff like tom misch, fkj and the like. My thx amp is still going to leave the warehouse, I think i can cancel it, but not quite sure.

I play a lot of FPS games mainly R6 Siege

I just want to a have bigger soundstage and more detailed. I actually prefer my sundaras over the dt1990 for gaming since it does not have that “suppressed” feeling. More of the airy side, but sold them to get these and now I’m thinking of upgrading to the HD800s for soundstage and details.

I’ve always wanted to try the arya but the price for a brandnew one is too much. I’m getting these HD800s for 900 USD from my friend. That’s why i’ve been thinking since it’s a steal deal imo


You’d love the the 800S then. A/B them and the 1990 feels super boxed in.

It is a steal!


Yeah my sundaras are wider too imo compared to DT1990

Yup. Broken box, i’ll take it :slight_smile:

Heads up the 788 combo you bought has DIRC and will make any headphones stage sound pretty massive. THX amps might be a little sterile for the 800s as well.

You think the only good thing about 800s is soundstage? What about detail?

That’s a sharp pair of headphones. The details you hear in sharp headphones are exaggerated.

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