HD800s spare drivers? looking to buy

drivers with capsules, i think it would be really cool to be able to have a pair of HD800s i could quickswap with my HD8xx.

and yes im checking all stores for spares and im currently in talk with sennheiser themselves but if you do know of a store im all for suggestions, escpecially that sells the drivers complete with the driver housings for an easy driver swap

the HD8xx ain’t all that bad with EQ so i’ve decided to keep em so feel free to ask about them if you’re curious, not much talk about them, maybe more casuals bought them in the end. I feel like EQ with these are a straight up necessity

i know there is this

but they dont sell it with the housing, if the option of buying the driver with the housing does not exist i may end up just getting this and getting the housing seperately. still looking