HDMI length and room layout

Help. Trying to come up with the final layout for a small HT 15ftx15ft. Should i be concerned with the HDMI cable run being over 10ft ? Have a TV in front of where the projector screen will be, come movie time ill take the tv off the stand to watch on the rear projector screen.

Will i run into issues with the HDMI sending 4k signal over 10ft and should i position the AV rack near the TV or near the projector ?

Currently running a passive 16ft HDMI in 4K. 0 = issues
There are also active cables so lengths can be even longer.

Okey thats good news, envisioning the ideal rack location cable run to be under 40ft to the projector. If it matters the projector im looking at is not true native 4k. Worried there for a minute reading threads on other AV websites people getting dropouts from the HDMI past 10ft.

Thanks all. Anybody running fiber and whats a good brand on amazon. Damn it should i wait in see if new projectors with hdmi 2.1 roll out before the holidays?

Blue Jeans Cable makes nice AV cables. And they let you specify the length in 6in increments for most cables, some down to the ft.

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if you’re worried, consider getting an active cable since at 40ft you’re pushing the 50ft max.

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been in my shopping list since they sent one to zeos. Not sure he did a review if it worked.

Thanks for the advice all just my luck zeos even dropped a hdmi fiber optic unboxing, awesomeness.