HE400i 2020 vs Sundara vs


I just got the HE400i 2020 a few days ago and I am loving them. From everything I have watch and read the Sundara are an overall better headphone but it would not be a noticeable upgrade because the HE400i 2020 is so close to the Sundara. Am I right in saying that?

What would be a noticeable upgrade from the HE400i 2020 without going crazy on price?

Also, what closed back headphones have great soundstage?

Probably something like the Dan Clark Aeon RT (closed or open)
or from Drop the Dan Clark Audio Aeon Open X, which is a bit cheaper than the open RT, but pretty much the same afaik.

Haven’t heard the Sundara myself, but Zeos posted a review on the HE400i 2020 a couple of days back where he compares them to the Sundara’s. You should probably check that video since there’s quite a lot of comparison there.

Its not… they are tuned differently. Rt is more v shape and open x are more neutral

As for 400i 2020 it’s more neutral than sundara… but I definitely like sundara much more and would say it’s a nice upgrade provided your okay with less bass and more brightness

officials wrote something like that on Drop, which is why I went with it…
Might have been just for the closed versions tho

I asked dan Clark about the differences and recieved confirmation from them directly that rt is specifically tuned to be more v shaped harman than open x as the open x takes the ethers tuning putting it into the aeon of which ether is very neutral

Ah interesting… yeah I just found the quote on drop…
Someone apparently asked aswell :sweat_smile:
Nothing directly tho, so…

Whether the Aeon Open X and the Aeon RT open are identical, I don’t know. I contacted Dan Clark Audio directly with this question, and the answer I got was “They are basically the same as the AeonX, and yes consider the VIVO cable as the difference in sound is huge.”

Actually just found your quote in the Aeon Flow X thread… good to know these are different.
Got the chance atm to pick the Aeon X Open for a good price and reading up on things…

I personally love open x but the rt definitely isn’t bad

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What would be better for female vocals? HE400i 2020 or the Sundara’s? Hifimans open box deals are pretty sweet so I’m itching to buy one of them.

I bought the Hifiman 2020, in terms of sound they are very nice, maybe a little bit of metallic treble, but what made me return it was being very uncomfortable creating a hot spot in the middle of the head. This probably doesn’t happen in Sundara because they have a headband