HE4XX to GR-1, good idea, or dumb dumb?

Good evening y’all.

So my HE4XX’s that I got used for $90 have finally pooped the bed. They were pretty dope, but it’s time for an upgrade. I was looking into the GR-1’s… they look awesome, and from what I’ve seen in reviews, they’re either loved or hated. What would be a better option for an upgrade for around $250-$350?

I game, a lot, on games that require you to sound whore. and for music it’s mostly lofi sadboi shit, hiphop, EDM, and blues. :stuck_out_tongue:

I MAY have already impulse purchased the GR-1’s out of anger when my HE4XX’s got dead, but I still have plenty of time to cancel if someone has a better idea.

Also I have a topping d10 dac into a monolith liquid spark amp!

Thanks y’all <3