He5xx vs he400i 2020?

Hey! so I’m looking for a planar companion to my 6xx, tbh I’ve tried tons of midfi stuff by now (still no planars tho) and I think the 6xx are basically perfect to my taste for everything but classical and large scale soundtracks, so basically I just want a big soundstage and a hopefully not too sibilant hp to complement them…

I’m leaning 5xx cause of the larger pads but the 400i actually seems to get better reviews and is cheaper, so I’m kinda torn rn, couuuld go sundara but from my research that might be more of a 6xx replacement than what I want…
(400se from what I could find is just a more v shaped 400i so that’s almost out of the race already)

5xx hugely light, open, loose, airy. They will fit much more loosely than your Senns.
I got them when I had been listening to HD600/6xx/58x a LOT and was seeking something with a little bit more shimmer and speed, and most of all broad stage and no clamp. All how they were explained in reviews. They’re floppy speakers that hang out around your ears.

While everyone was arguing about how nefarious the marketing was for tricking people into thinking they were HE-500’s redux — I was very happy, got exactly what I was expecting. I’ll vote for them.

I had 4xx, which seem like they had the same pads as the 400i. Gifted them forward. They fit more snug and heavy than 5xx. And I really aesthetically dislike the headband style on the 400i/Deva.


Yeh I think you just confirmed what I thought, the 5xx seem to be exactly what I’m looking for rn, ordered already, I think it’ll be my last buy in a while, might try escaping while still in the midfi hell lol

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