HE6se V2 or T20RP

I’m looking for a fun bassy headphone that has some slam. I found a good deal on a used HE6se so it’s not that much more expensive than the Fostex. Or if there are other suggestions, my budget is $600

I only have the HE6se, not the Fostex, but I would not call the HE6se bassy. It has excellent bass extension and a bit of a lift in the sub-bass that I personally enjoy, and it definitely slams, but it’s audiophile bass. The mid and upper bass are actually very neutral. They don’t add warmth, but they don’t sound thin either.

If you’re looking for a bass cannon, something that colors the music, you could certainly turn the HE6se into that with EQ, but if you’re not going to EQ you might want to look at other options.

I’d say look at the Elear or Elex.



Fun, bassy, slam -
translates to EMU or Fostex X00s - basically, biodynamics.
V to U shaped though, and laid back mids, so keep that in mind.

I find the HE6se V2’s pretty bassy, but I am running an iFi Pro iCAN with bass boost maxed.

I find the T60 Argons great, but again lots of bass boost.

If you want big boomy bass, then you want the CFA Cascades. They are $799.00, but you could buy used.

The T20RP’s can be REALLY fun and bassy with the right pads. I used them with perforated, angled sheepskin leather pads. They have great slam, and for sure put a smile on my face!