Head-Fi Account Approval time?

After being active here for so long and lurking at Head-Fi, I decided to join Head-Fi as a member just to see more stuff on both forums.

Does anyone know the turn-around time for new member’s approval time? Or does anyone know who the moderators are over there? It’s been a few days without reply…

Was same day for me, in fact just checked and I got the “your account’s been approved” email about 15 mins after the “verify your email address” one :man_shrugging:

Wha… How do they even screen things over there? There’s not much to put in the account to show that you’re authentic and not a bot.

Also I don’t want to keep making new accounts until one gets approved; such a waste of time doing so.

Who knows … probably just an oversight.

edit: unless you’ve been bad :smiling_imp: :laughing:

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If it’s an oversight, that would be annoying af. There’s no point in implementing this system if their mods are not checking for new registrations hehe

I’ve only lurked and had zero interaction there haha
Unless you mean a BAD:see_no_evil:

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It took a couple hours for me. I joined last week to ask a question on a thread and someone gave me attitude for using an Apple dongle :clown_face::rofl:


Such sketchy… :sweat_smile:
Anyways I’ve been approved now so all things good, but over here it’s definitely more welcoming and sincere