Headphone advice please help

Hello all, I am very new to these forums. Quick briefing about myself; I am on my computer with a Mayflower Dac/Amp O2 and had DT 770’s which I did enjoy. I am currently looking to purchase new headphones at the 600 USD range to enjoy gaming and music on. I love listening to music very closely with my main intention being enjoyment. I listen to 70’s blues rock , 90’s grunge, and 90’s hiphop therefore something that provides emotion without a lack of bass. I am sure im not detailing this properly but again I am very new to these forums and audio equipment and not sure if i am even posting in the right thread. If I am not please redirect so I can receive as many opinions from enthusiasts who have shared the same upgrading path. I have been researching all over and have been looking at DT1990’s for OB or DT 1770’s for closed but have heard that these are very analytic and sometimes piercing to the ears. My hearing according to my doctors is very good but not sure that matters. If someone can point me in the right direction wheter its Sennheiser 6XX series, Beyerdynamic 1990’s, 1770’s, Amirons, ATN AD1000x, Sundoras,AKG 70’s that will provide good sound for my aforementioned genres I would greatly appreciate it !
Thanks so much

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I would head towards the HD 600 series…probably the 650 or 660 series.

You mention without a lack of bass…the AKG’s I had the 701/2 and have a nice wide open spounstage, but thin on the bass IMO…

$600 bucks is a good budget you can find the 6xx series at the Drop and have some $$$ left over to upgrade you amp/dac someday…


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Thank you so much !