Headphone Amd/Dacs

Is it better to buy a amp/dac combo or buying them seperatly? Wanna get myself a amp and a dac but unsure if I should get myself a combo or not. thanks for any answers :smiley:

six to one or half a dozen the other.

if you have limited space the combos are good, but i prefer separate so you can easily mix n mingle gear or replace a single item if it borks on you.

but either way neither is wrong. combos also have the advantage of convenience.

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If this is your first one, if you want good sound everywhere, another major advantage of amp/dac combos is, some of them are portable.

I prefer separate units. Easier to upgrade one or the other.

JDS Atom+Modi 3 is an excellent combo. Itโ€™ll be very difficult to do better for $200.

It is really nice to take around a portable for great sound when youโ€™re out, and you can still use them on a desk. I would consider separate if you are using them in a semi permanent setup, or if you like to upgrade different components separately. You also could have multiple amps being fed by one dac or whatnot with separate components, it just takes up more physical and plug space for separate.