Headphone AMP/DAC upgrade?

I was wondering do I need to upgrade my portable AMP/DAC set up. I am using a FiiO a1 but I just got a pair of 58xs. The a1 one worked nicely with my m30xs so am I good or should I upgrade and if so can I get some $100 reconditions.

You could do something like the Xduoo XP-2 but you might want to wait and listen to your A1 first, the 58x isn’t the hardest headphone to drive. If you can live with it and then get into the 200$ budget for the portable dac/amp you will have tons of options with better sound quality.

There’s 100$ Fiios too, K3, Q1mkII, and similar others from other companies that you might want to research too. They all are kinda just barely there specs wise for the 58x and I think you would still be bottle-necked with any of them.

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