Headphone Amp for EU people

I just got DT 1990 Pro and my Aune X1s doesn’t have enough power and headroom for them (80 mW at 300 Ohm).
So what amp should I get then? In Europe we can’t get the JDS Labs Atom, Liquid Spark or anything from Massdrop without paying extremly high import fees.
Do you know of any good amp in the 100-200€ range?

I bought the EL AMP directly on JDS Labs’s website and they delivered to my door for some reason in Ireland so I missed out on the tax. Worth a shot on the Atom…

Check resell forums (especially HeadFi) for amps you don’t think you can get. HeadFi has a huge EU community.

How about Schiit Magni 3 from the Schiit Europe? https://www.schiit-europe.com/

The Custom fees are not terrible i have payed for the Schiit Magni and Loki 70€ In Germany.
You can give a order to jds labs when you would you just pay the Tax from your land who you live.
For my Fostex th x 00 Mahgony i have payed 80€ for the fees in Germany.Is not really expensiv.
For just a Schiit Magni or Jds labs Atom with 19% tax you payed 30-40€.
Check your Land conditions with the Tax and fees.In Germany for example all what not cost over 150€ is custom fee free you payed just the Tax on this article.
And the Jds Labs is possible to buy in Europe when you google it.
It is a little bit expensiv because the fees are included.
Massdrop propose of same article a Europe edition all Tax and fees are included.But they have not really good amps to propose.
I would don‘t miss my Fostex Headphone,Schiit Loki and Magni.The little plus in the Price are okay for me.

First off, my sympathies for being forced to try to live outside the consumer paradise that is the US of A. ;) I’m in the same boat.

I’m curious about your premise. If you’ve compared listening to the 1990s between the Aune and other amps and found it wanting, that certainly settles the matter. But just based on numbers the DT 1990s need 63 mW and 4 V to hit a massive 120 dBSPL at their rated 250 Ω. That changes to 63 mW and 5.6 V if the 1990s happen to have a full 500 Ω bass impedance spike.

I’m using 120 dBSPL numbers to factor in plenty of headroom. Assuming you’re not actually suicidal about your hearing and never listen above 110 dBSPL, then the 1990s only draw a measly 6.3 mW and 1.3 V.

The Audio Science Review guy’s measurements support this, FWIW. Plus, he states that he tested it with the HD 650s and found the Aune has “plenty of power to drive it to a thundering level”. Yet the 650s at 97 mW and 300 Ω are significantly less efficient than the 1990s.

All this is of more than a little interest to me as a 1990s owner.


I’m actually also considering the iFi Micro iDSD silver/original version, because the reviews I’m seeing suggest it sounds about as good as the Black Label, i.e. pretty much endgame-level, for a much lower price. The BL only has better(?) bass boost and better(?) internals.

Oh, I just looked at the thread title and forgot juliangst was looking in the 100-200 EUR range. I guess this overshoots, as it’s a good 270+ even used.

Check the amazon.de
There is a little dot mk2 for 140 and xduoo ta01 for 150. Thats a good start. Moreover, you can order from american amazon(US) liquid spark for 138 euro with all the taxes.

Check also Arcam rHead. You can find it really cheap in EU.

the 1990 is very efficient - you should not run into problems with the x1s

at the moment amazon germany has the atom for 169 Euros

drive my 1990s sometimes even with Earstudio ES 100 perfectly fine