Headphone amp for LCD-2 Closed Back, EU

After spending some time with SMSL SP200 I… need another amp. Vocals with this amp are too flat and harsh for me. Compared to my previous Aune X1s, sound stage is much better and bass is cleaner, but I just can’t listen to vocals for too long, it starts to hurt.

I currently have Topping D50 as DAC. Also LCD-2 Closed Back are very efficient. With SP200 I can’t go above 50% on low gain. It’s gets way too loud. I usually listen at 30% at best.

I don’t have any “set-in-stone” budged, but at the same time I don’t feel like spending 2000€ on it. And I have to be able to buy it in Europe. Any suggestions ?

Hi, I’ve been recomended a Monoprice Liquid Platinum for the Lcd2c, it’s a hybrid and goes around 650 USD. Planning to get one in the near future.

Take a look to Questyle Cma400i, singxer Sda2.
Schiit Herasy maybe,Jds labs Atom.
Or a Jan meier corda Jazz,the new Rupert nerv desing have nice rewiev‘s.
A Beresford Capella from England.

I would recommend the RNHP headphone amp. It has gotten a lot of high praise and is a much more natural, musical sound than the SP200.

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I’m going to say either a Rupert neve rnhp or burson soloist mk2. These amps would be very resolving and at the same time also not be harsh. Both portray space very well and are very refined over something like a thx. On the lower side of things, something like a monolith liquid spark might be a good pick imo


The Burson is not bad too.
With him you have the option to change the Opa‘s inside when you would.

Also as you mentioned the corda jazz ff would be pretty nice too, nice little amp

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