Headphone Amp to Pair with Gustard X16

Hi there,
Im looking for a headphone amp to pair with the Gustard X16 I have as a hi-fi DAC. I will be chaining it to the system if possible so Preamp would be nice. Looking at the Gustard H16 and the Topping A30 Pro mainly though other suggestions would be welcome in that price range. Both measure excellently. The A30 Pro measures better though Im not sure Id be able to notice the differences at that level. But the H16 is discreet if I am not mistaken which would be nice. I have an OP amp in the Schiit Magni Heresy. But how do they sound together? SE is important as, for now at least, all my cables are SE. Though with the balanced XLR out on the X16 it would be nice to be able to make use of the balanced out in the future. Has anyone tried the X16/A30 Pro combo? Does anyone have any other great X16 combos that dont go over $400 for the amp?
Thank all.