Headphone Amp with Balanced Inputs and Pre-outs?

Hello everyone I’m in the process of adding a headphone amp to my setup because I’m thinking of buying headphones with higher impedance. At the moment I’m using an audio interface as a headphone amp that also controls my monitors. My interface only has balanced outputs so I need an amp that has:

  • Balanced Inputs
  • Some sort of Pre-out(don’t care if it’s balanced or not)
  • A button to switch between headphone amp and Pre

I know that the topping A90 fits this bill perfectly but that is quite expensive for me and can barely afford it. THX 789 also fits my requirements but unfortunately I live in EU so importing that thing would cost me a fortune.

In my country’s taxes and inports etc. cost would make the THX 789 still WAY more cheaper than A90.
A90 being at 500€…
THX after everything ~360€ give or take.
I would order THX if those 2 would be purchase options. No brainer with price.

you can get an A90 for €420 from hifigo which is around €100 more than a THX after import taxes etc. At that price I would save an extra two months and get the topping instead

Just checked.
A90 from HifiGo and after taxes and imports it would cost 530€ as imported.
So 30€ more than just locally bought. :slight_smile:
THX being like 170€ cheaper… still.

Hopyfully your taxes and custom fees are less then.

What interface are you using?

audient id4

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You might consider the iFi Zen Can.
It’s a fully balanced design and outputs an incredible amount of very clean power for it’s size and price range.