Headphone Amp with output select?

Hi guys,

I have the Loxjie P20 and one of it‘s features that I like most is that you can select not only the input but also the output. Now I’m looking for a solid state amp in the ~200 €/$ range that has balanced and SE output and where I can select which one should be active.
So far I wasn’t successful in finding any. If Loxjie can do this for 100$ there must be someone else who could do it as well right? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Would appreciate any recommendations.

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The only thing that comes to mind is Sony’s TA-ZH1ES, but that’s not in the $200 price range. Hopefully the others know.

While I don’t mind if it’s a bit above the price range this is way above my league. :joy:

Am I the only one who looks for this feature?

Yeah I think it’s not that common, but I might be wrong tho.

It’s more expensive, but the JDS Element 2 let’s you switch between outputs.

Otherwise you could always get a dedicated box that just switches outputs like this or something: https://www.amazon.com/Audio-Switcher-Headphone-Selector-Splitter/dp/B0894N22CL/ref=asc_df_B0894N22CL/

Thanks for your suggestions. Seems that this is indeed not an usual requirement.
Though I admit that the usecase because of the whole work from home situation. So I have the mmx 300 that I use for making calls and listen to music as well. But those are the only headphones that I’m running single ended.
So when I listen to music I like to use other headphones, most of which I’m running on 4.4. But if I’m getting a call I want to switch quickly to the mmx 300 without having to plug in and out. Seems it is easier to get an dedicated amp for the mmx 300. :crazy_face:

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I would like to buy a pair of headphones for me. Can you please recommend me a good one? Thank you!

Uh this is not really the thread for your question …

And if you would like helpful answers it would be good if you let the others know what you are looking for or what your usecases are. Are you using them at home, office or mobile? Do you like headphones or in ears? What kind of music do you listen to? Or do you only want them for gaming or watching movies? etc. …

:joy::joy::joy::joy: sorry but this is a little bit funny

I agree :joy::joy:

SMSL SH-8 lets you choose XLR out, SE out, or both at the same time. Yes, I love this feature and wish more amps did it.

Thanks! I didn’t consider the SH-8 because it seems to be lacking in power. Do you happen to know if the SH-8s has the same feature?

True, it’s kind of anemic, but it mostly works for my purposes. But I would never plug my 600 ohm Beyers into it. :wink:
There’s an SH-8s now? I guess I missed that one - sorry, no idea if it can switch outputs. But I’d be kind of surprised if SMSL took that feature away, especially if they’re using the same style remote for the 8s. I just push the FN button to cycle through the output options.

I discovered it on hifigo when I looked up the SH-8.

Seems like they added quite some 00mph to it. And it costs basically the same as the SH-8.