Headphone amplifier for chord mojo 2 dac

Hello everyone! Currently i’m using chord mojo 2 dac with beyerdynamic dt 1990 with A pads. I thought mojo 2 will fully unleash the potential of 1990, but i was wrong, i tried smsl sp200 headphone amplifier from my friend to add it to my chain, and was impressed with much improved bass response, impact and the size of the sound inside my head, but, there is always but, i hear detail loss for approximately 15-20 percents, which to my point of view is too much to loose.

So, the question is: what headphone amplifier to use in chain with chord mojo 2? To get improvements in bass response and impact, but not loose so much details? Headphones may be upgraded in future, but now i want to get most from from the chord mojo 2 dac. In comparison to chord mojo 1 from my point of view, it is big improvement, some tell that there is 10-15% of improvement, but I don’t agree, i think there is big jump, it is better than device’s like topping d90, smsl d1se, smal m400. IMHO of course.

Which amp to get? I have in my city Jotunheim 2 in good condition for 400usd, but not sure if ir is good option. Location is Europe. Or maybe to order something else? Budget around 500$.
Priorities: resolution, soundstage, power:)

Found on local market - Topping a90d, someone tried them together? Or maybe there is good pairing options exist for this dac?