Headphone and Dac/Amp Setup for Immersive Games and music on PS5 and PC

Hi guys,

For the last week or so I have been researching headphones and DAC/Amp combo’s to use with PS5 and PC for Immersive games and music. Open back or Closed Back i dont mind. Definitely wont bother others but happy to try closed backs as well.

My budget is up to 600 aud for the headset and up to 300-400 aud for the DAC/Amp. I don’t need to spend the upper limit of both and can start out smaller if recommended first.

I have used a Steelseries Arctis 7x and Sennheiser 6xx. I liked the 6xx however i feel it was too flat and not enough bass. It didnt really excite me for single player games on PC. The Arctis 7x is okay for games but really dont like for music.

I play games like Final Fantasy 16, RDR2, God of War, The Witcher 3, etc. I do occasionally have a competitive phase but it isnt a priority. In saying that general use options are nice too!

For music I love Electronic, pop, indie, indie rock and occasionally hip hop and rap.

Ive seen the Fidelio X2HR, TYGR 300R, DT770, R70X, Sundara, DT990 all recommended on reddit and on this forum for Immersive gaming. I want something fun with nice detailed bass but not too muddy. Any other options would be great or a pick between these options as well!

As far as the DAC/Amp situation it obviously has to be UAC1 compatible for the PS5 so that limits my options, im deciding between the JDS Atom Stack, G6 and Schiit Hel2E.

Would the JDS Atom Stack be good if i want to futureproof for different headsets and using on the PC. Are the other options just as good?

Really appreciate any help deciding my future setup!

If immersion is your priority I will have to recommend the beyerdynamic t1.2nd. 3D soundstage with pin point image with enough bass for fun explosion. My second pick would be the dt1990 with Balance pads.

For amp and dac, somethingl like the modius +A3. But, I dont know about availability in Australia.

For the ps5, there are multiple options to extract audio. I use a hdmi matrix with optical out. There is the toppind d10 with takes usb and can output to coaxial or optical. Or the smsl po100 I think that one can do usb to digital out like the topping d10 then connect to the DAC.

Are those dac options better than the other options would you say? Im also looking for ease of use when it comes to ps5 compatible dac/amps.

I’ll definitely look into the T1.2nd and the 1990!

I have seen the 1990 recommended but didnt think that was for Immersive single player but competitive games.

The ones D10 is to get audio from the ps5 and PO100 is a DDC (digital to digital converter). Those are options so you can run any DAC with your PS5 and use the same DAC for your PC. There are not a one solution dac. Like the hell or the fulla from schiit example.

First recommendation t1.2nd. Dt1990 with analytical pads are really good for competitive but lack bass for fun. Thats why I would say with the balance pads. But, still not as fun/immersive as the t1.2nd. Have heard the zeus is a good fun headphone too!
I havent try that one tho. Dt990 is a fun/inmersive too.

Great suggestions!

The t1.2 seems to not be available in Australia and is quite expensive unfortunately.

Have seen the zues and dt990 recommended, i need to look into these.

Would love Falenkors opinion on this post!

I just received the Fosi Audio Box K5 Pro Gaming DAC from Fosi. I’m a tester for them and I just posted a few videos on YouTube! It’s definitely within your budget and it sounds really good. I tested it with an Xbox, iMac, and a gaming PC. If you have any questions, I’d love the opportunity to answer!

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