Headphone (and other) suggestions for my setup?

Hi All,
I am currently running a JDS element II, have a pair of AKG K701, Grado SR 80, Tin T2. I also have a pair of Hifiman HE400se in transit and on temporary loan to a friend. Given these, what sort of headphones would people recommend to fill out a collection with some variety?

hey Pugsly…what’s your budget and what kind of music do you like listening too?

I would like to keep things in the reasonable to try area right now, so unless they are just outstanding, going over $300 would be a stretch (but justifiable if these are ‘the’ thing missing.) Music wise, I enjoy Jazz (Mingus, Coltrane, etc.) a little classical, technical metal (Animals as Leaders, Devin Townsend), and some acoustic blues country, and folk.

perhaps the Sennheiser HD560s? or perhaps the Drop HD58x / HD6xx?

Grado’s might be worth a look :+1:

Thanks Marzi! I was thinking of the HD6XX but wasn’t sure if it would be too similar to my current lineup. Any specific reason you recommended those models?

Ohmboy, I have Grado se80. Did you mean something else in the lineup?

Sorry missed that :grimacing: depending on your source :muscle:t2: then maybe either the dt880 or dt990 600 ohm’s ?

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Oh yeah and Sundara :+1:

I’m waiting on my Hifiman 400se. I bought a pair and sent them to a friend for them to ‘try out’ some open back headphones during the pandemic. He generally hates wearing anything over his ears because he hates blocking sound, but I mentioned that some open back headphones might be the thing (and lets face it, us junkies love hooking our friends on our favourite juice!) but will get them off him, or at least hear them if he decides to keep them in a couple of weeks time, so would hold off on Sundara until I hear those.

Granted, this can be hard to quantify, but what would you say are the sonic differences and advantages of your recommendations in comparison with the headphones I already own?

You can’t not have a pair of Sennheiser in your collection :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: However with your music preferences I’d recommend sth like a DT880 600Ohm or DT990 600Ohm. very nice for jazz/classical/EDM. The Element has a sweet roll off in the treble which can tame the harshness of the Beyers

Sundara is probably too close to 400SE. Can somewhat recommend a Nighthawk if u wanna try sth substantially different

Thanks for all the advice! I decided to order the Sennheiser 6XX as they are on Drop for $220, while the Beyerdynamic DT 880 are $340 in Canada (I don’t understand how this [email protected]%t happens with audio gear here!) I’ll probably get some when I go on vacation…

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