Headphone cable: difference between these dual inputs?

When it comes to separate left and right cables for headphone cups, is there any difference between these?

I’ve seen both types on single ended and balanced headphone cables. I’m not exactly sure what the purpose of the 3 pole type is.

The stereo connectors are more available, On every headphone I have with 3.5mm either work.
BUT it’s possible to wire the 3 contact ones in such a way that the cable can be used either way around and Left/Right will still be correct, but I think that would prevent the mono cable from working, and none of my headphones are wired that way, you’d have to determine how the cable is wired to determine if you can swap them…
The new Kennertons for example come with the 3 contact version, but work with mono plugs from the Elex.

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Thanks, so they’re interchangeable for the most part. I figure if any headphones have funky wiring there would be a warning somewhere.

That I wouldn’t assume, for the most part manufacturers assume you use their cables.
What headphone are you trying to get a cable for?

HE-4XX, the first rev with 2.5mm inputs.

Was there a specific cable you were looking at?
I can’r say specifically how that cable is wired since I don’t have one.
Looks like Hart sell a mono cable, for it, and there are stereo ended ones, so I expect either will work.

The Hart cables actually. The connectors on the stock 4XX cables were 3 pole, and I have some other headphones with 2.5 inputs too. I figured I should ask about it before I go plugging them in to other headphones down the line.

If you can plug a mono cable into the headphones, then only the shield and tip are probably wired on the original stereo plugs (this is how the Kennertons are wired), or the extra terminal is connected to the shield.
I would probably check how a different headphone cable was wired before just plugging it in, but it’s probably fine. It can technically short the amp’s output, but most are protected, so it probably won’t cause permanent damage.