Headphone cable jack 6.3 1/4 TRS double mini-jack 3.5 with wooden splitter

Cable: Reds Music INS2-100 2 x 0.18mm2 (before splitter is twisted inside of sleeve)
Connectors: REAN by Neutrik;
Cable sleeve: VIABLUE STONE medium and small
Pinout: big jack TRS, mini jacks T-signal R/L, R-empty S-GND;
Total lenght: 231 cm (without connectors) and 47 cm after splitter;
Materials: wood, plastic elements printed out 3D (PLA)
I am not able to measure impedance, but resistance (being part of impedance) is 0.2~0.3 Ohm (measured pin to pin after soldering)
Cable is DIY that is why you will find some cosmetic impurities/flaws shown on pictures.