Headphone Cables: Do they make a difference?

I’m looking to replace a cable that I have right now, but I know nothing about headphone cables! I’m looking for a dual 3.5mm connector terminated by a straight 6.35mm (1/4 inch) cable, but this can also be a general debate/discussion about whether high end cables make a difference (both sound and build).

If anyone has any recommendations for cables/manufacturers, I’m all ears.

On the cheap side this one is good https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0757Q5FB8/

For something premium you can go with periapt cables, which are good but a little bulky. Arctic cables make some nice and soft. Corpse cables are good, the gravedigger uses premium cardas wire.

And those are the ones I would recommend.


Audioquest cables have always been highly regarded.

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Oh the can of worms you are trying to open here. I think will go get the popcorn and watch the fireworks :rofl:.

I think with build quality and reliability there is a big difference. Sound quality? Anyone who says so is a snake oil salesman. :raised_hands:


oh, worm?

what kind of build and reliability differences would one expect to find?

How the tips are put in place, whether the cable lays flat, how likely it is to fray, how tight are the connectors, etc.

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Hard to say if I have ever heard an improvement from the cable alone. I just changed the cable on my K550 to Mogami 2893 wired in balanced vs single ended. Not sure about specific improvements but the task was amusing and the headphones sound great on a P20/SU-8 balanced setup with Russian tubes. The standard single ended cable did not allow balanced operation. So it is hard to tell what is cable and what is different drive circuitry.

Already a thread about cables in general here:

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tried a silver balanced cable with a Meze Empyrean and compared it out of the stock cable out of my THX 788, sounded the exact same.

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Sound? No but for overall feel and aesthetics along with quality of life stuff like tangles or how well they wrap and an unwrap and stay straight yes the quality of the cable matters.

I had a terrible experience with corpse cables. Given that they have a skull logo and their website is filled with marketing puns, I shouldn’t have been surprised. They are misleading, rude, have terrible customer service and archaic return policy.

I threw the cables out as I do with all junk.

Crystal, aka clearears2, zipaud and a few names in the community, creates an account, posts once or twice just to bash corpse cable and never comes back. He posted on another site that he tried to pull a fast one on a return and got denied and he went off on them.

Good to know. Shame on whoever this troll is. Who would throw out a cable worth 3 figures?

My customer experience with Corpse was excellent and I love my heaphone cable - 3x the cost of Hart or Periapt, but it’s my favorite cable in my collection by far.

Welcome, Kevin_Davids!

Actually, I just shared my experience, but please explain to us all how, seven months later, you know all about my experience?