Headphone commandments

Is it just me or should zeos make a list of commandments or cardinal sins of headphones? For example.

  1. thou shalt not utilize attacked cables

  2. thou shalt not use proprietary connectors

  3. thou shalt not glue the ear pads on

  4. thou shalt not make folding headphones not amble to be folded flat

I don’t know maybe you guys can think of some more

5 Thou shalt have cable lock onto headphones. they should pull free easily if yanked

6 Thou shalt make headphone always come with a bag for headphones in the packaging at least

7 Thou shalt make headphones over ear not on, unless koss ect.

8 Thou shalt provide two cables one short one long at least 9 inch

9 Thou shalt have no cable jank

10 Thou shalt have detachable cables

11 Thou shalt have balanced cables ie a cable to each cup.

Thou shalt make all earpads easy to roll (an extension of not glued on) .

Thou shalt make all headband adjustments so that they stay in place.


Thou shalt provide decent quality cables

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Thou shalt not skip quality control or testing and ship faulty products…hint…hint…Hifiman…


Thou shalt not make earpads paper thin

Thou shalt never declare endgame.


Thou shalt support simple and cost effective international distribution.

Thou shalt use screws or other threaded connections wherever possible