Headphone conversion to wireless help

hey there, just a quick post here asking for some information. Looking to convert a headphone that has a 3.5mm detachable cable to a low latency wireless setup through the use of bluetooth dongles and whatever else. Trying to keep it very budget friendly so I need some suggestions here. Not sure if I need something like the FIIO btr3k or anything in this regard, not particularly my area of knowledge honestly. Bluetooth dongle also needs to have a microphone in it. Headphone itself is only 32 ohm impedance so shouldn’t be that much of an issue to pull this off.

recommendations and information requested and appreciated, thanks again.

Zeos usually recommend the mpow dongle. This one is a little old, but there are newer versions with aptx HD and Bluetooth 5.0. Never used it, so YMMV.

If you want to go LDAC, then you can get a similar 3.5mm male to male adapter and a BTR3K, but that’s more expensive.

yeah, it’s a gift setup sort of deal… out of my knowledge… I kinda figured that dongle would be brought up… though not sure how the overall setup would work… has to be low latency so like aptx-ll or something of extremely low latency to connect to a pc

I believe that one has LL, but Mpow has so many I could be wrong. In any case, it’s good to see if his setup has this functionality, I don’t know if every 5.0 device have it.

ill look into it, I will give this thread a couple days though incase someone chimes in with any other alternative or good idea for this setup.

ES100 has a built in mic…I know a guy…PM if interested

not quite sure how that would work all considering, need the bluetooth dongles and whatever reciever like that that uses low latencies

What’s your source, and is it already bluetooth capable? If a phone or laptop, the ES100 would act as both Bluetooth receiver to power the headphones and as the mic, just like wireless earbuds or something. I believe Z used/uses one with SHP9500 for streaming. You can get a dual sided 3.5mm to 3.5mm solid adapter to position the mic closer almost like a boom.

thought i mentioned this in the beginning. Source is just the pc involved. Bluetooth Capability is the headphone has a 3.5mm detachable cable allowing access to 3.5mm bluetooth dongles.

the mic in that regard would be quite a bit too far away considering it was would be next to a computer in this particular setup, it would be more ideal if the dongle itself that was plugged into the headphone had the microphone. If there is a better alternative to the es100 in this regard maybe switching that mic out for a better quality sound, I would be more inclined to lean towards that instead. One of the reasons I thought about the btr3k, I will however write down the es100 just incase throughout this thread while I try to get help figuring this all up. for full transparency, gaming setup… has to be low latency… guy uses pc on his living room setup so that pc is on the other side of the room.

not sure what you mean on this so you’d have to elaborate a bit.

the only thing I have seen really on him, then again I havent seen all his stuff, is that wireless dongle he used on the shp9500, problem with just the dongles is they aren’t particularly low latency

The adapter I’m talking about would be something like this.


It’s got BT 5 with AAC, APTX, APTX HD, LDAC codecs, so as far as BT dongle DACs, it should be pretty low latency. Not sure how it’d be low enough for gaming since I’m not a gamer.

Also if you haven’t seen this

Thanks for the post link! Yeah I went through a whole journey of finding true low latency with bluetooth, and the BTR3K works really well as a receiver, just need to pair it with a proper AptX LL transmitter. Unfortunately there are some AptX LL transmitters out there that still add ~100ms which is not good for gaming (Like the Avantree Oasis). The TaoTronics transmitter I’ve been trying is extremely low latency, like almost on par with wired connections.

However, throwing a microphone in the mix complicates things. With how bluetooth works, I don’t think you can have decent audio and microphone streams over the same connection unfortunately. Even the BTR3K will go into horrible quality mono audio as soon as the mic is used. It’s an unfortunate limitation of bluetooth, as I understand it.

Instead, I could recommend something like the modmic wireless to decouple the mic from bluetooth, though it is pricey.