Headphone Deathmatch: LCD-X 2021 vs (__?__)

What would be a good match against LCD-X 2021? Similar price or less. Open or closed.

I don’t know what LCD-X sounds like yet, so I can’t say what I’d change about it… The natural(or perhaps extra-natural) spatial presentation of HD800S/Arya Stealth sounds appealing. But I also want more bass, warmth & smoothness(=Enjoyability :tm:) than Edition XS/Arya offers, I think. I can’t think of much out there… (other than maybe ZMF Auteur Classic, which isn’t out yet, and takes too long to order)

  • WP900 …? (seems nice, more bass than AWAS. no idea about imaging & stage depth)
  • AWAS …? (seems great, except not much bass)
  • AEON 2 NOIRE …? (too damped sounding(Beyer? :face_vomiting:), and bass light?)
  • M1570 …? (more bass & weight than X, inferior SQ, but possibly more enjoyable & smoother?)
  • LCD-2C …? (more bass & smoothness than X, but heavier and inferior SQ?)

Not interested in Denon/Fostex/Focal/HiFiMans/Beyers. Have a ModHouse Argon incoming.