Headphone dilemma

So I have a dilemma, Looking at 2 options .

I really like the look of the Ibasso SR2.
But for the same price I can get a HD650 and an xduoo TA-27. I here the 650 scales really well with tubes.
I currently have edition XS which I love, topping E50, stax sr507 with an arm-t1s. I prefer the XS.
Also have a little dot 1+, topping E50 and Xduoo MT 604.

Any help appreciated

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Sorry that’s xduoo TA-26

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Man , I just couldn’t wait. Ordered both. And I said Hifiman edition xs was my end game. Nothing is ever end game with this hobby. But the anticipation of getting what I just ordered. Lol worth it every time


I would say this: if you want a tube amp and want the best headphones to test tubes then you get a HD650/HD800.

BTW, I’m listening HD650 right now on Mainline and this is absolutely amazing setup.

Thanks for that, I will give my impressions when i receive.
Then deep dive down the whirlpool of tube rolling…


Looking forward to your impressions. I just visited the Auris Audio HQs, and they had a whole bunch of headphones there. The only real upgrade over the SR2 I found was the Meze Audio Empyrean Elite…

Where will you post your impressions?

I will post here.

I read your great review on here and head-fi, one of the reasons i bought them.

Also just received a RNHP amp, hoping its a good pairing!

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You got me excited for ya! Tell me how it sounds with the RNHP amp.

Thank you for the kind words, means a lot =)

Idk if you are following the SR2 (unofficial) thread on Head-Fi, but I post there about all the observations I notice the more I use them. Just a couple of days ago I posted commenting a clear difference between a brand-new pair and a broken-in pair.

To be a bit vulgar, I think I can say that my SR2 lost its virginity a couple of days ago :grimacing::cherries:

It took its time to get to me but the SR-2 is Fantastic. I can believe with a bit of time it will open up beautifully. Very nice with the RNHP but even better with the xduoo MT 604. I have an Asgard 3 and a hifiman EF400 on the way which could work very nicely together. With the SR 2
I will give more impressions after longer listening time.


Been away on holiday and came back to some nice surprises.

Asgard 3
hifiman EF 400
sennheiser 6xx
Sony MDR-Z7.
Asgard 3 and MDR-Z7 are second hand from buyee japan where i regularly buy stuff.
as the condition is always exceptional.
looking forward to a busy evening!!!