Headphone for 60/40 music and gaming

no one is perfect. if you watch the video he literally looks at it he doesnt actually ask anyone official to confirm or deny it

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So the x2 has more quantity than quality imo, if you are after quantity I would push you towards the 58x imo. I think both game very well, the x2 is more for casual gaming and might be a bit more fun, and the 58x is more for a bit more serious but still preforms well for casual, and imo is more accurate at placement than the x2.

I would say the 58x is the more jack of trades can imo

Imma just reccommend 770s with Eikon Lambskin pads.

Brought the bass up and cleaned it up A LOT.

Is worth the $70 for them imo for the increase in sound quality.

I see. I haven’t made an immediate decision, but this info has definitely made it a shit ton easier to make a good decision I can be happy with. Thank you for the info, I really really appreciate it! One last question: which do you find more comfortable? I think the 2 deciding factors are going to be quantity vs quality and comfort, because I use headphones for periods of anywhere from 1-24 hours straight without taking them off.

Ok, I have the 770s rn, let me look into those pads. If they’re amazing as they sound I might be tempted to grab them along with the open backs i choose!

Ok, I see what you mean. How would you compare either of the 2 to the 770’s? Those are the easiest thing I have to compare to since they’re what I own, lol

Also, any opinions on the He4XX’s? I’ve never owned planar and those seem spicy

4xxs are slightly muddier than the 990s, but smoother overall. Best way I can describe it. Detail retreival seems similar, but it’s easier to pick out on the 990s. The treble peakiness of the 990s is mostly gone with the 4xxs. Extension on both ends is better on the 4xx, but it sounds a little less lively than the 990s.

Would be worth getting just to hear the planar sound (which I discovered I really liked by getting them, then went into the planar rabbit hole with Sundaras/PM-50s). Get tthem with a good return policy in case you don’t like them. Resell value is also pretty good. Resell at a $40 discount with everything in box / barely used and you’ll definitely get someone to bite quickly if you don’t like it.

ok, i see what you mean, thank you! now, my question is, how would you compare the 770’s with eikon lanbskins to either the X2’s or the he4xxs ( i know its closed vs open, so lets ignore that for sake of argument and refer to sound signature and imaging, as the open backs would most likely be far better in the sound stage area)?

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Ok. Comparing now.

awesome, i appreciate that, thank you! (if it helps for the comparison, i will most likely be running through an e30 dac and either an archel 2.5 or an asgard 3 amp when I also get the new cans)

Running through Enog 2 + Liquid Platinum Hybrid Balanced. Slightly tipsy due to beer just fyi. Just used stuff on shuffle off of a large playlist for a brief comparison.

First tune. Country Roads by the Toots and the Maytals

HE-4XX => Treble feels a good. Bass is light, but punchy and present. Midrange feels solid.

DT-770 @ 250 Ohms w/ Eikon Lambskin => Bass solidly punchy. Imaging is much more left vs right as opposed to the 4xx’s gradual approach. Sounds feel almost behind me, even though I feel like I’m in the first row in front of the band. Treble is definitely emphasized. Sounds much clearer / more defined even though the detail retrieval ability feels similar (770s is just brighter and feels more resolving). Bass definitely goes to 770s with lambskin. Just more satisfying bass, but ‘thinner’ sounding overall.

Lay Down Sally by Eric Clapton

DT 770 => Bass / kick drum is definitely present. Gives it a good punch and a good groove. Seems almost over resolving compared to what it’d sound like irl. Treble feels a little over emphasized compared to mids. Hi hat is almost painful at times to my ears. Still enjoyable though. Guitar solos are given appropriate treatment. Imaging is good, but still feels more left vs right than 360. Separation is great. Female vocals are good. Male vocals are meh. Dynamics feel pretty good.

HE-4XX => First thought is the guitar is much mellower and more groovy sounding. Vocals are recessed, but approach is better for male vocals. Female vocals are a little shrill at times, but I would say better approach than 770s. Bass is less defined per say. Feels more bloated / rounded. However, detail still there imo. Groove is just as good, but feels more comforting / encompassing. Mids feel a little more separated, just as recessed, but sound more balanced for some reason. Fuck the guitar solo sounds great on these along with the rhythm accompaniment. Clarity / realism of the electric guitar contrasted with the rhythm is gives the tune a stellar feel. Soundstage feels similar (excluding airiness). Imaging feels much more 360 vs Left/right than the 770s. Handles low volume much better.

Simmer Down by Bob Marley and the Wailers

HE - 4XX => Vocals are again recessed, but volume brings them to the forefront which is weird, but the band sounds great. Horns sound good, but very forward. Sub bass is there, but does roll off at really low notes. Still jammin tho.

DT - 770 => Bass is more forward. Mid bass / low bass rumble is more apparent. Vocals are super recessed here at times. Might just be recording quality here. Definitely sounds thinner, but cleaner than the 4xx. Imaging is definitely less open. Feels more Left vs right than 360. Very much thinner sound in comparison.

Take the Power Back by Rage Against the Machine

DT -770 => All the intro is crystal clear. Goddamn. Intro is engaging with almost appropriate dynamics. Still not as punchy as this track needs. Feels a bit thin still. Detail is great and easy to hear though. Dynamics are feeling like they’re lacking even though I definitely hear the punch when the bass hits. Bass feel is great though.

HE-4XX => AHHH I forgot to type here. Would choose these any day. Intro isn’t as good as the 770s, but the rest of the song just feels more engaging and dynamic. Detail retrieval is muddy, but there.

Ramble On by Led Zepplin

DT-990 => Thin sounding, but detail is easy to retrieve again. The LvR channel thing is making me so frustrated rn. The percussion in the right ear during the intro is triggering me so fucking bad. Once everything hits it’s better, but definitely there if you look for it. Treble and bass feel over emphasized. Mids are slightly recessed. Again, thinner sound. Bass impact is good, but it’s gypped by the snare drum / cymbal impact lacking.

HE-4XX => Much warmer and inviting. Guitar feels more accurate. All drums have the right amount emphasis. Again, vocals feel slightly veiled and recessed. The punch given by this headphone feels much more approriate for this song. Again, I like the male vocals better here despite the slight veiledness. LvR channel shenanigans don’t really bother me with these guys. Feels more distributed. Not losing any detail, it just feels less resolving / ever so slightly warmer and full bodied than the 770s.

Can I just say that the 4XX is much more comfortable for me than the 770s. Just feels like a warm hug / forget they are there. 770s feels like a light touch / forget they are there. Would rather the former, especially when listening to music for long periods.

The Fixer by Pearl Jam

HE - 4XX => Feel a little overly PHAT on the percussion and guitar which makes me feel like there’s less detail to be retreived (even though I can still hear it if I listen and actively try not to be thrown off by the PHAT hits). Overall quite pleasant to listen to though. Thin sounding compared to my main cans (PM-50s) but still enjoyable and just thick enough to be pleasant. OOF drums feel good in comparison to the 770s. Feels like a more balanced can freq response-wise. Cymbals are less harsh.

DT-770s => Feels more crisp but less separated. Imaging feels more faced forwards as opposed to 360 with the 4XX. Cymbals and hi hats are HARSH in comparison. Vocals feel even more muted here, but less recessed (which is weird). Just feels like ‘canned’ music in comparison even with the extra crispness. Maybe sterile is the right word? Bass punch and clarity is much better on these though across the board.

Well there you go. TLDR the 4XX is the PHATer more full bodied more balanced headphone, whereas the 770 with the Eikon Lambskins has more of a V shape and bass emphasis / punchiness at the expense of a full bodied sound like the 4XX.

For reference I was kinda half sold on the 770s before the latest pad swap (the dekonis did nothing but make me less sure of them). The Eikons bring out the best of these cans imo, but they are still thin sounding and harsh at times. Doesn’t mean you can’t still jam with them and appreciate them though. The 4XXs PALEEEEEEE in comparison to the Sundaras / PM-50s though. They’re good for the overall planar sound introduction but don’t bring nearly the level of clarity, detail, dynamics, or punch that it’s bigger brethren do.

Verdict : If you’re mixing in a studio, 770s all the fucking way. Will help you avoid overly harsh sound shenanigans. If you’re listening for fun / playing games, 4XX all the way. Will give you more pleasant sound and more accurate imaging.

EDIT : Relistened with sundaras / PM-50s. I defintitely feel like the above commentary is accurate after re-reading and relistening. Would reccommend all of the headphones mentioned depending upon what you’re looking for with your music / mixing / listening.


I’m about to read through all this, but I just wanted to say holy shit, thank you, i appreciate the in depth comparison. Ok, let me absorb this now, incredibly useful, thank you tons again man.

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hahhahaa and then I go to the PM-50s for some AC/DC and realize just how much they feel like a good compromise between the 770s and the 4XXs :slight_smile:

I’ve arrived on the hype train. I really like these things.

Honestly I think the Sundaras are more similar to the 770s/990s and the PM-50s are more similar to the 4XXs now that I really thought about it…

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still goin through but im listening to the songs as i go through each section for referrence, and great taste 10/10. I never expected to enjoy a jamacian twist on country roads, but this is nothing short of beautiful

and grabbing my dt770s instead of my TWS IEMS, i can absolutely hear what you mean by slightly resolving on lay down sally on the dt 770’s, even if ours aren’t the same model/makeup. I enjoy it but i completely get what you mean by that

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and god i noticed the LvR thing you mentioned a while ago, it annoys the shit out of me too lmao

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After the Sundaras / PM-50s / 4XXs it reallllllllllly triggers me now goddamit.

Only happens on songs where that LvR channel thing is SUPER obvious. Less apparent on the other cans because they’re either phatter / more mellow or are better at imaging so it isn’t just LvR. There are some tracks that are poorly mixed though and have that flaw regardless. That’s where you have to get into quality of mixing / recording stuff.

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I use spotify premium, so the quality of the recordings i get is semi limited, but I have distinctly noticed exactly that, and I’ve found that (idk if it’s just my set or a quirk of the DT 770’s in general) that, even when a song is meant to be right in the middle, it always leans ever so slightly to the right. It’s most apparent to me in vocals like Ramble on, where i can hear like the voice sounds to be coming maybe 25 degrees to the right of center and its just annoying enough to bother me but not big enough to be a deal breaker

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Is fun to do tbqh. Analyzing the music and the cans is entertaining and helps me get a better idea of what I can / can’t hear and what I like / dislike. Thank you for making me do it lol

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Of course man. Now you gotta redo everything with the X2’s

LMAO, imagine that

“thanks for doing that work, now do it again”

I agree though, if I had multiple headphones I wouldn’t be able to keep myself from ABing on my favorite songs just to experience them in 2 different ways.

Also, from a fellow indie and rap fan, 4 recommendations:

The Mariner’s Revenge Song (and/or The Rake’s Song) by the Decemberists
Nothing in Return by Monsune
Couch (or Call Me or Air Em’ Out) by Czarface
One Beer (or Doomday or All Caps or Let Me Watch) by MF DOOM

some of my favorite songs of all time and I think you’ll appreciate em hahah

specifically, i recommend ABing on Call Me by Czarface, the beat will make you more or less shit yourself I think, haha
im relistening to Call Me right now and that, it must be like a bass boosted piano sound, is incredible to hear and I would be so excited to see how different cans interpret the beat of this song

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