Headphone for Imersive gaming from ones here?

What do think of the SIVGA Phoenixm SIVGA Luan, FiiO FT3 or HiFiMan HE4xx for single player Immersive gaming?I am using the have the FiiO K7 dac/amp.

I did have the Thieaudio Ghost but stock pads were hurting my jaw line, and I know you can replace the pad but they are like $90 for just the pads.

Sivga Phoenix sure packs a punch!

I’d suggest going for a second-hand iBasso SR3 and using the stock pads. Definition of immersive imo

As far as the pads, you got a great set of pads for 25$

Work great, and a defent improvement to the sound and comfort

As far as the other ones, I’d say the Phoenix but i’d also consider the Harmonicdyne Zeus (i haven’t tried the elite) but the ample bass and the wide soundstage really helps with the impressiveness