Headphone for music/gaming

I’m just looking for a good set of headphones to use for gaming and music.
I listen Mostly to orchestral, bluegrass/folk, and alot of alternative. (Cage the elephant, gorillaz, radio head, etc.)
I want detailed sound but not too sharp of highs, and I would like nice warm bass. Maybe warm sound signature? (I’m new to the whole sound signature thing.)
I currently own a pair of m50x’s but I think their a little too bassy, I also have some koss kph30i’s but I wish they sounded a little “fuller.”

I don’t really play competitive games, just alot of single player rpg’s. So soundstage would be pretty cool.

My budget is around 200$ (preferably under)
And I dont really want a dac/amp but I it’s necessary I guess id have to.

Sorry if this is kinda a tall order. Any replies are appreciated!

First thing that came to mind was tygr 300r from beyerdynamic. Its ampless less your on console or have a pretty weak mother board

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Yeah I was looking at the tygr’s, and also the hd58x and he4xx.

The 4xx will need a amp to sound great that’s at least an extra $100. But the tygrs and 58x are both pretty great for gaming the tygrs especially. The 58x has a closer profile to I think what you want. In regards to sound sig. It has a similar sound sig to the 30i but less midbass , more subbass extension really great mids especially for male vocals. The tygr is better for gaming though and has a noticeably wider soundstage.

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This might sound ridiculous and a bit insane coming from me but, as I have witness and heard because I have these with me, I think the Koss KSC75s can be that, both freaking good for gaming and music due to the fact that I have tried it with those and they just work. I mean it’s freaking USD15 but you get yourself some shit that is like endgame levels of sounds imo.


that’s kinda what I was thinking.

Quite the suggestion! A bit odd, but I’ll look into it!

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Yep it is odd but it works for me, but you have to try it though so that you can say it works for you, for I cannot guarantee that it will work for someone else just because it works for me.

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