Headphone for someone who both makes music and listens to a lot of music?

So, I currently have the dt990 80-ohm. I’ve been wanting to upgrade cause (after putting it through SoundID Listen, I realize how bad they sound). I was looking at the HD560S and 6xx, mainly cause of how music DMS recommends them.
I do everything from listening to music (mainly metal, but also Acappella oddly enough), make music (punk), watch youtube, and play games. I can’t really afford multiple headphones for different activities.
I was also looking at the Atom as an amp and plugging into my Scarlett 2i4.
Any advice?

I forgot to say, the SoundID preference test says I like really flat sounds, if that helps at all

560 is a solid choice, dont know if the 6XX or any of the 600 series will be right for you, dont get me wrong they are great, i love my 660S but they are more fun than work

Another option are the Beyerdynamic DT 700 PRO X / 900 Pro X, i own the 700 Pro X, its a all around good headphone, it does get a little warm on the ears in longer work sessions but nothing too major

Tbf, making music isn’t an actual job for me (although I’d like it to be). That’s mainly why I’m conflicted, cause I wanna be able to make music well with nice flat audio, but also enjoy and have fun with listening to things, yk?

Ya i get it.
Think of headphone like food, even if you want to eat healthy there is no reason you cant enjoy it as well. A good example of that are the 560’s they are fairly neutral but still enjoyable, its kind of a balancing act, you just have to decide how to balance your scales and what works for you.

The 600 series is overall a great headphone but they are fairly mid focused (its a generalization of the 600 series some are more/less) and they shine with tube amps / hybrids. They can be used for mixing but i tend to put them more in the “fun” camp :slight_smile:

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Makes sense. I’ll probably get the 560S then, thank you! Is the Atom a good amp pairing btw?

That i cant say, i live outside the US so getting JDS labs (and other smaller companies) is a pain

Got it. Thank you anyways

jds atom+ or schiit magni would be good amp for around the same price