Headphone holder/storage

How do you store your headphones?

I have 3 headphones next to my computer that I like changing between, but want a better solution than just plopping them down on the desktop.

I’ve 3d printer a couple of different holders. One type where the headband rest on a 3-4cm part of the holder, and one that is a dummy head.
I’m worried about leaving the headphones on the stands for a long time.

Will the head make the the headband more loose over time? Will the banana stand make an dent in the headband?

What solutions do you guys/gals recommend?

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Got this random glass wig holder from Ross
Cost me about $7 and to this day it’s my favorite headphone stand

This is what I came up with, made using scrap I had around the shop. The wood is 3/4" thick poplar, 4x7" width/length. The rod is 1/2" thick aluminum, 18" overall (vertical shaft is 12", horizontal shaft is 6"). The wood was stained with a dark walnut wood stain and coated with water based polyurethane. I heated the bend point on the rod with a small propane torch and then bent it over the corner of some metal shelves we have. The rod fits tight and snug on its own into a hole using 1/2" drill bit, but but I added JBWeld just to be safe. I liked the results enough that I am about to make 3 more using actual walnut wood. Easy to make.

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My solutions are, admittedly, not the most sophisticated.

Home setup: I was able to buy my E-mu Teaks in a quite nice wood presentation box. I keep them there when I’m not using them. For my HD6XX, I just used an adhesive hook stuck to my PC case.

At work I use an ancient Sennheiser headphone hanger that came the first nice pair of headphones I bought (an HD595). Nowadays I usually hang my office/commute headphones from them (a Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 2.0).

No description needed

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Looks like the most expensive so far. :grin: I think I need more Lego.

The wheel under the headband is a nice detail (everything about it is great).

I have many of these

Monoprice stand. Very good quality for the price in my opinion. I have 3 of them.


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Coat hanger

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