Headphone/IEM burn in

If you believe in burn in do you lock them away for days with white noise etc…or do you listen to them throughout?

Since there might be some relating info here

Listen throughout for me :+1:

Yeah honestly just plop them on your head/in your ears for a few days and just get used to em and enjoy em lol, just listen to what you want to listen to

For electronics I would say it’s the same, but if you are super impatient to burn in a tube just leave it on for a few days lol (esp if you have some of the new production tubes with very long burn in periods)

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Yeah exactly that here too :+1:

Any moving part will have break in (not burn in). There is a certain amount of compliance in the material that happens with use. You can easily measure this. The resonant frequency of a driver will move lower after break in so there will be a small change in sound. I usually break in new drivers with ~20 hours @20Hz (not for tweeters obviously) before I take their T/S measurements and begin designing crossover & enclosure.

As for the other part of the question, I start listening to headphones right off the bat. After about 2 weeks of daily listening they tend to open up and settle down.

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Gonna revive this thread because of Super* Review’s recent video.

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