Headphone lost bass completely

I’ve a pair of beyerdynamic tygr 300 R that fell off a decent height, immediatly after that the left cup was virtually inaudible so i just decided to open up the cup, i saw that the driver fell off of the paper-ish holder (idk how that is called) so i reassembled the headphone.

the volume was fixed but the overall sound profile of the headphone was awfull, everything from the mid-range and below is completely gone

the strange thing is that this was for both cups, so maybe i’ve done something that i shouldnt while putting the headphone back

i’m out of warranty, and in general the condition of the headphone is pretty rough considering how much i’ve used them every day, so idk if the “official” repair is worth it

At least from an initial glance at the photos it looks like the driver diaphragm been smashed. The middle of it should look like a dome. Perhaps use a piece of double sided tape and attach it to like some blunt object and hope you could carefully pull it back in shape but even that might not restore them. If that has been ripped than there is not really any way to repair it sadly.

Make sure to check solder joints are connected cause maybe a faulty connection did something.