Headphone pair for immersive single player gaming

As per title I am looking currently for a headphone under the 200 euro mark (otherwise I would’ve pulled the trigger on the Zeus) which offers an experience which configures itself mainly on two aspects: A soundstage which can immerse me deeply in the game world I find myself in and feel part of it (though I don’t know if that would be more the task of positioning since I reckon a good part of immerision is having a clear understanding of where all the sounds come from and not just the size of it) and also a bass which is punchy and can leave me with a big dumb smile on my face at the sheer awesomness of it but yet that will not utterly disembowel the other frequencies (just a bit).
Currently I drive a pair of Status Audio CB-1 (Thanks Z man) which are fine but feel that fall a bit flat on the bass aspect and soundstage for me (I changed the pads with some aftermarket cloth ones so the bass suffers a bit, the pleather bs OG cups risk getting flaky after a while) and I use for music on my phone the Airpods pros which are fantastic sounding.
Currently my most likely pick is the X2HR but I would like to hear opinions and suggestions from you wonderful people as well. Thank you very much in advance.

hmm since i Just got the T50 Argons MK.3 I would definitely recommend it but the wait time is like 14+ weeks… Maybe look into the TYGR 300R? There’s already a lot of reviews out there for them. There’s also lots of threads about this very topic on this forum so try the searching for them. Good luck!

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