Headphone price vs how much you think they're worth

Just thought this would be a fun little discussion about various favorite (or not so favorite) headphones in your collection or those that you have tested and how much you think they are worth monetarily compared to how much they actually cost (new / used).

Considering things like technicalities, sound sig, comfort, durability, design, materials, etc…i know there are probably quite a few headphones that are worth less money (from a certain point of view/perspective) than they cost but also a few that cost less than the overall or specific qualities they possess. Might be an interesting topic to explore!

they would be worth whatever you paid for them. you may not have liked how much you had to coff / shell out, but if you bought them despite that, it’s obvious that you felt they were worth it. :wink:

It’s a subjective yet speculative consideration, not a scientific or even a ‘feeling’ based one. Obviously you pay what you’re willing to pay, but some headphones hold more or less value from a variety of quantifiers/qualifiers than there price tag suggests.

For instance a headphone that costs 400 but performs technically at the same level as a 200 dollar headphone, may be worth closer to 300 dollars in your eyes because its build quality is just a bit better than the 200 dollar headphone. That is of course if one judges the 200 dollar set to be priced equal to its speculative, subjective worth. The fun of course is in seeing which headphones are worth more or less from the varying sensibilities of the community.