Headphone recommendations for me

Hi! So I’ve just been getting into audiophile gear and music production and I was wondering if I could get some recommendations here. I’m very new. I’ve looked at a bunch of headphones and what I’ve narrowed it down to now is Sennheiser 560s or a Beyerdynamics DT 770 with a Fiio Btr5 (open back or close back I have no issue and BTR5 because I live in a pretty third world country and don’t have many options so that seemed like an overall safe choice). Also I know that speakers are much better for music production but I don’t have enough space to create a whole setup. I’m mainly interested in HipHop and jazzy production. I would love any recommendations as I said I’m knew and didn’t know who else to ask lol.

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I’d say the DT770 is a pretty typical choice for your use case.

Thanks for the recommendation. Also if you’ll guide me generally are open backs better for things like mixing or can closed back suffice. Like should I save a little more for a hifiman sundara or just get a beyer now.