Headphone recommendations for playing retro and mondern+FPS gaming

Also just curious, what did you think of the sound of the 900x for gaming?

As a first take, I didn’t like the difference in bass (a lot less) compared to the Sennheiser Game ONEs. Are the drivers used in the game ones the same as another Senn headphones? Might be a better base to compare a future purchase.

The drivers in the game series I believe are in the 5xx (does not include the 58x, since it’s more a 6 series) series of Sennheiser headphones. The 6 series is a pretty large step up from the 5 series

I’m going to give the 660s a shot I have a better feeling about the feel vs ATs.

I’ve also had personal friends recommend the 660s as well so it seems like a lot of people are on the same page w/ those

I will say the Sennheiser 6 line is much more solidly built than the audio Technicas. The only reason I really would recommend the ad series is if you only cared about the gaming performance

Yeah I’m not that hardcore, I can sacrifice ‘gaming performance’ if it means gaining general usability (aka like more bass, etc)

Sorry about that then, I misunderstood.

Then consider the Fidelio x2s an impressive amount of bass as an open back and decent for gaming.

It’s a consideration but the 660s already on their way, will be here tomorrow :slight_smile:

Just got my 660 S … WOW… I think we have a winner

nice glad you like them

Well that’s good. I hope you enjoy them

So far so good! I also got my Loki today from Schiit so now I get to play with both