Headphone selection

As my collection grows, I find I want to get a great pair of cans for more specified genres. I really want to find a good pair that can cover electronic, metal, and indie. Detail is important to me, with these I’d say they need to be at least a little bassy. Amp pairing def can be taken into account, they will be driven by a Geshelli Labs JNOG DAC. The amps are a Bottlehead s.e.x. and a Monoprice Liquid Gold X.

Overall point, these are going to be my fun headphones!

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Honestly, sub 1k

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CFA Cascades. Closed backs with great sound and lots of bass.

Apparently I am becoming a schill for them. :smile:

Have them on right now and really enjoying them.


I’d suggest the iBasso SR2. Has been my favorite dynamic driver ever since I put them on my head. They are versatile with just about every genre.

That’s what I can recommend in terms of headphones that I listened to in person, there are many options in the sub 1k USD range

Focal Clear, but they likely won’t work well on the SEX.
Kennerton Gjallarhorn or LSA HP-2 - I like this headphone a lot for metal/rock, but it’s not even vaguely neutral, and again won’t work well on the SEX.
LCD2 - pre or post fazor
Hifiman HEX used, or an Ananda new
Used ZMF Eikon or Auteur should be around 1K

There are a lot of options with a lot of flavors.

I was really liking the look of ZMF stuff, but finding it used sub 1k has been difficult

The none SE Eikons/ Auteurs are usually just under 1K used, but you need to keep your eyes open, they don’t list frequently.