Headphone sources on the main site?

I see they have added headphone sources to hifiguides.com, but they kinda just added everything they could think of I see, are they all recommend by z or dms (just curious here)?

wheres the magni heresy… where are ANY portable dacs… so little stuff here

Huh it’s all there for me

Make sure you don’t touch the price slider or that will break it

this is all i see… no magni heresy, no portable combos

tried again with no price sliver movement and it was even MORE broken…


Im sure they are still working on it lol


I’m sure its WIP but the only combo listed is this


not sure it’s worth the pricetag

What lol, I see so much lol. If you just go to the main site and only click “headphone sources” and scroll down there should be a ton

I was mostly just joking about the 40 dollar element 2. I see a lot of options but this is the only desktop combo i can see. Also the amazon link resets the selections

edit: I guess more accurately it refreshes the page

Ok, so what I mean is don’t select anything, just select the sources thing and scroll down and you will see everything

hmm so also weirdly. If you just select sources it shows a lot of results, but if you filter down and remove the filters it shows just a few

filters seem to be WIP for sure because there are def portables in there but it shows no results when you select the filter

I would say these very much look like zeos+dms recommended, can’t speak for dms as he hasnt reviewed a lot of them but everything on there has at least a good review from zeos

Z didn’t like the Liquid Platinum that much. He released the video for patreons a couple days ago. Will be public next week.