Headphone stand - suggestions needed!

Hello all!

I am an engineer and a big fan of perfect audio, especially on my headphones. Some time ago, I bought the AKG k612 headphones and I love them. Perfect and clean audio, very open scene and the design! Worth every $ I spent on it.
However, the one problem I found is that I am concerned about the headbands distortion, when not using it and hanging on headphone hanger.
That’s why (as an engineer) I started thinking of the solution, how to store my k612 and be calm about headbands. I’ve made my headphone stand (so I don’t need to hang k612) and I want to share it with the world.
However I would like to meet the premium look of the k612, it is quite challenging though! I am wondering about several aspects, so I created my own survey/research.
Could You please, as true Audiophiles, help me with this one, so I’ll get rid off my dilemmas?
If you leave your email in the form (totally optional), I will send you a discount code once my headphone stand is available for sale!


PS. The survey should take no longer than 1 minute to complete!

To answer your form, I built this stand a while ago:

Lessons learned:

  • 3mm steel plate under the wooden base gives a lot of stability
  • headband-support is pretty difficult to get right (this one sucks for “floating headband”-type headphones)
  • finishing wood is time consuming and takes a lot of elbow grease (power tools only get you so far)

Warnings from model building experience:

  • Steambending wood is 0 fun (even with custom jigs)
  • Carbonfiber/Glasfiber mold working is messy and comes with a steep learning curve.

Thank You so much for Your reply and suggestions.
I really like Your stand.
I am exploring new concept for headphone stand - it is more stand than hanger.

I will say while I lilke the Idea of carbon fibre. I dont think uit would be the greatest thing to use. carbon fibre is light and kinda feels plasticky Its a nice piece as a accent piece but personally I feel a stand should most importantly be on the heavier side of things feel solid as well. a feature thje I wish m,ore stand have though is some sort of cable storage especially for use ATH Air and beyer lovers that have to suffer through non detachable cables.

Look at the “couch” Meze-Audio makes, don’t do that.

That is, what it is? Resin with carbon fibre in it.
If you made a steel base plate and carbon fiber top, the thing would be “light ish” and very stable due to weight distribution.

what I mean to say is carbon fibre pieces often end up being on th emore expensive side of things. personally for stands I prefer things on the heavier side of things. Im also a very tactile person so the feel is a very important thing for me. but Im not likely to be the main target audience anyway

a lot of people use cheap banana stands.


Something that would put your headphone stand leagues above the rest would be to somehow implement a way to adjust the curvature. That plus an adjustable height would essentially make it “universal.”


Or a way to hold the headphone without pushing on any padded parts.

I want to buy one of those banana holders, nothing special but just the right function to be a headphone stand, plus it is minimalistic and clean to look at with your headphone standing out.

For me, an ideal headphone stand for functionality would:

  1. have a heavy-enough base with good grip.
  2. be a hanging design with option to interchange between rod/thin beam for headphones with an indented center (i.e. HD6XX or ESP/95X) and a broader, arched support for other kinds of headbands.
  3. be minimalist in design, so that the headphone can stand out.
  4. be $30 or under.

Of course, if we’re talking about for show… well, taste is subjective.

Why do I get the feeling that this is going to be a $100 solution to a $10 problem.

Headbands and ear pads are consumable parts that typically can and should be replaced as needed.

Isn’t making cheap stuff expensive the point of the high-end audio industry? Fancy cables, pads of premium materials, innovation in fidelity that are different in measurement and not perception, etc. :^)

I don’t think there is anything wrong with an over-engineered stand. Not in my interest, but there probably would be people with more disposable incomes that would appreciate something unique, aesthetic, and functional.

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