Headphone Suggestions Around $100USD

I currently use the GSP300’s but i need something new due to them breaking, i bought the Cloud Flights but i’m going to refund them because i’m not a fan of the sound and my ears press against the drivers, i couldn’t wear them for more then an hour at a time.

I’d like a pair that sounds like the gsp300’s or similar to it because that’s what i’m use to and i need deep ear cups, also i live in quiet a hot area so i always have a fan running next to me so i like closed back more then open, but i am willing to sacrifice immersion for a great deal.

I am on a bit of a budget so something around $100USD give or take is great.

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So, what do you listen to and what do you use them for? And what is your preferred sound?

I play a lot of FPS games competitively, but i also love watching movies at my PC and listening to music while i’m playing casually.

Hmmmm, you might enjoy the dt770 80 ohm, but it might be too over budget. There are other options I would recommend but I would be concerned about comfort

Yeah that’s a bit out of my budget, i was thinking about the pc37x but you can only get them from massdrop, but i don’t live in the US so i don’t want to pay for shipping incase i need to return them.

I would be concerned about comfort for that tbh. What about a cooler master mh751? Very comfortable

If you wanted something a bit higher tier the akg k371 would be my pick

I was looking at those but i’m not sure if they’d be deep enough. Because i’ve got larger ears then the average person.

The 37x is pretty good, you would most likely be just fine with that imo, although they don’t sound like your gsp

I use a pc37x many MANY hours out of my day. They are very lightweight and comfortable.

I used the Sennheiser gsp300 for gaming for a little over a year. The bass is very boosted so after a long gaming session my ears would hurt quite a lot. Since then I changed to the Dt990 and recently to the Dt1990. I would recommend to go for a pair of used dt990 or k701/702 (or any good open can for that matter ) that you could find for around 70/80 and buy a separate microphone like a modmic 4. That would put you around 110 euros/USD and believe me. If you play Cod or Battlefield for long hours like I do your hearing will thank you…

Cheers, i’ll look into them.

Nvm, i just looked at then price of those bois, might have to sell a kidney for them.

The AD700x are amazing for competitive gaming. Not quite as good for music but you can’t really beat them for gaming under 100 dollars. They are about 90 USD on Amazon.

Just be aware those are open and have relatively poor comfort if you need a deeper fit


Oh didn’t know about the fit.

What about the CAL?

That would be nice, but I also think they may be a bit small

Well then I think the best option is the Cooler Master MH751, or the Takstar Pro 82. They are the same headphones, one is rebranded with a mic for gaming and the other doesn’t have one built in. There’s also a bass switch on the Takstar I believe, if you like that.

What about the SHP9500 and a cheap dac/amp combo. Loved my SHP9500 for gaming and overall music listening. And the FX audio dac x6 paired very well with the SHP9500. That will put you a little over $100 but imo well worth it.

And then add some HM5 pads and boom sorted.