Headphone under 500€

Hello everyone, it’s not my first topic on this forum, but right now I’m looking for a new pair of headphone under 500€ (I’ll raise my budget a little if it’s worth it).
I have some ideas, but I would love to hear your opinion or some suggestion maybe I didn’t consider.
I’m looking for a pair of fun headphone, but something that could be also considered on the audiophile side.
I need them to be first of all comfortable, I work for hours straight everyday on my pc with my headphone on, so I need almost to forget I’m wearing them. Better if they don’t warm a lot my ears as well.
Regards the sound, I start saying that I will use them only for music, not film or gaming, I have already headphone for that. I also already have some headphone for monitoring/critical listening.
I’m looking for a warm headphone, on the v-shape side. Better if them don’t have fatiguing sound.
I don’t mind if them are open or closed if them still sound as I described.
What could you guys suggest me?
I’m waiting for your opinions, regards.

If you could let us know what you’re using as a source to drive your intended purchase and the types/genres of music you listen to, this will make recommendations a lot easier :+1:

Maybe Sendy Aiva?

Mainly EDM, but I listen to everything. Not a lot of classical music tho.
As I said I use them with my PC which is connected to my FOCUSRITE Scarlett 2i4.

Limits it a bit but maybe the DT 177X good with EDM, easy to drive and closed back, I’m sure our headphone guys can help you even more :+1:

Seems from review them might have too much of a reference sound for my taste? I’m asking.

HarmonicDyne Zeus?

if V-shaped audio can be warm then i must have a misurnderstanding of what warm means, can someone explain it for me?

They like-a the bass.
In this context, I don’t think they really want “V”, but because V has the bass - they get an idea that this is good for them.

I try to look for what folks “mean” rather than what they “say”.

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are you able to explain the quality of inherent warmth in a headphone? hopefully i did right by my english on that one

Warmth to me means an above neutral frequency response in bass and lower-half of midrange frequency. Colloquially I think that it does this with at-most neutral upper-midrange through treble — Sometimes intended to mean with significantly depressed upper frequencies, which I think is better defined in “darkness”.

For me, warmth defines a presence whereas darkness defines an absence.


Dunno how to describe tbh u ask a really good question, but I tend to think warm vs cold, bright vs dark. So warm v shaped is warm, bassy and bright (sth the Beyers v shaped cans are not bc I find them cold sounding). Sth like Zeus or Sendy would be warm v shaped

I also think that the subjective user-experience and that user’s sensitivities will also shape the perception. I know folks who find DT990 bass-lean because they are treble sensitive and the overall amplitude has to be so low to accommodate the treble-sensitivity, they never experience bass.

You see that with Beyer quite a lot, for example.

I checked the reviews on the Zeus.
Them seems to be ok for my tastes, and I really like that them seems really comfortable as well.
Now I’m left with few options, Denon D5200 (460€) the Zeus (324€) and the Beyerdinamic Amiron (485€).
How do you guys think them compare against each other? And also, is there any other option I should consider? I like to have multiple choiche, maybe I can order them as well and return the ones I don’t like. Waiting for your opinions.
Also it’s not a problem to spend a little more, but I’d rather spend my money for something that worth it’s value.
Thanks again.

AudioQuest Nighthawks…though you’ll have go buy them used. totally worth it!

iBasso SR2. It’s €460, so you’ll be maxing out your budget but it’s so worth it.

Meze 99? Some think the bass is bloated, others love it. With this budget I would get some kind of power, even a dac/amp combo unit.

You could also do Argons+dac/amp, which everyone praises :slight_smile:

After a lot of reviews i ordered the Zeus, I’ll let you guys know.
Thank you:)