Headphone Upgrade Music/Gaming

I recently upgraded my amp to an asgard 3 and I have an e30 on the way to compliment it, after listening to it for a while I’ve realised that as much as I love my t50s I’m finding them to be a bit harsh for my usual music listening although I do like them for stuff like RATM. I tend to listen to all sorts of music, but mainly I listen to Hip Hop. I’ve found that I am preferring my 650s a bit due to them sounding a bit warmer and appealing to me, so I think I’d like to go for something like the 650s but wider.

I am thinking that I’d want to spend around £300, but I’m not sure whether I would be better going for one set of headphones like I currently use my t50s for since they are so comfortable, or go for two sets?

I have been looking at Sendaras (not entirely sure what they are like for games) as a single set as I really like planars from what I have seen and experienced with my t50s, or going for something like the dt880s/k702s for games and then getting he4xxs or Nighthawks for music?

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See the issue is that the sundaras altho not bright are definitely not warm. If you didn’t like the Beyer I don’t think you would like the sundara. Honestly, looking for a Nighthawk on the other hand might be a really good idea since you listen to alot of hip hop and are looking for a warmer sound sig. I own both and can recommend the Nighthawks for you quite a bit

Btw the 4xx is also not warm and I think pales in comparison to the Nighthawks in basically everything. For music I would suggest the Nighthawks

I am really liking the look of the Nighthawks and looks like I can get them for £250 brand new. After watching reviews on them online they sound like they’d be exactly what I’m looking for, more bass and a larger soundstage. I will definitely be wanting to make a custom cable for them though :sweat_smile:

I think I may take a look around to see if anything else comes to mind, but I think that the Nighthawks may be ideal for me sound signature wise. I’d probably end up getting them first and seeing how I get on with them in games and then deciding on whether or not to try dt 880s or something.

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based on what you wrote here, more bass/larger soundstage thicker and warmer sound i think they are right up your alley. would be really enjoyable. oooooo that price isn’t bad either! i would go for it, specially since they are becoming harder to find at reasonable prices. Imaging is very good, but i’m not a gamer so i’m not sure if they would be ideal for games. but i think if you prioritize sound for music, and then gaming they might be a gem. with the 880, you would probably get better gaming but way less enjoyable sound for ur music considering what you like

Managed to get it for £225 with a voucher off of eBay from the same shop. Can’t wait to see what they’re like, gonna take a look at making my own cable for them as the stock one doesn’t seem too great.


Great deal…especially NIB! Hope you enjoy, and let us know your thoughts once you get them!


nice, I hope you like them. Btw, both the pleather and suede pads sound good but pretty different. i would say that pleather make them more of a well rounded headphone while the suede pads really kick up the bass, tame the treble and give a different sound presentation. i would suggest you try both

I’ll be sure to test both out and see how I do with them, will also not cast judgement on what I prefer properly until they have burned in.

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sounds good!