Headphone Upgrade

I made a doc of what I think though should be the headphone upgrade route.

Opinions are welcome and if I missed a really good headphone and a lot of people agree then I will add it onto the list.

I tried to feature an open and closed back headphone at each price point.

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What is the purpose of this may I ask?

I want to see what other people think

Ah okay. Gotcha.

Well personally I would add the Koss KSC75 to start and get rid of the Meze 99 Noir, not really an upgrade from the 58x, kind of a downgrade tbh. Also I would include Nighthawk Carbon somewhere in there.
That’s all I will say.

the meze 99 is not necessary an upgrade from the hd58x but instead if you don’t want an open back then then the meze 99 would be the closed back option.

Haven’t heard the Meze 99 but I can tell you I really like my Beyer DT770 250 ohm. Haven’t had them for long but I’m falling in love.


In your 1500 to 2000 section, slot in the HEDDphone.

Take a look to the Denon Ah D7200 or Ah D9200.
The E-mu Teak with removel connectors look not bad,or the Fostex Th 600.
The Lcd 2 from Audeze,but one thing about the Planar phones,make sure you have enough power to drive it.The Sendy,Sundura and other Hifimans.

Maybe the Nighthowl from Audioquest,Dan clark Audio prupose not bad Headphones.
Read some rewiev’s before you buy.So you waste not many time to find Phones do you like.