Headphonecable Manufacturer in Europe

Hi Folks,

has anyone a recommendation or experience for an “affordable” custom cable manufacturer in the European Union?

I´m just searching for convenient copper cable for my Focal Elegia. The Cable it comes with is to short for my setup and even after half a year super stiff …. :roll_eyes:

Thanks! :+1::wink:

hi Dr. Torf,

there is “oidio sound uk” https://oidiosound.co.uk/headphone-cables/focal/pellucid-focal-elear.html

  • I ordered Sennheiser balanced cables and other stuff from them. You can ask them, if there is something special, they don´t have at display in the online shop. Simply send a mail.

and there is forza audioworks - lot of people worldwide name them. I have never ordered from them

greetings from munich

by the way - Elegia is my next purchase. Very nice choice! Congratulations!