Headphones advice from China (Takstar PRO82, Blon B8, HiFiman He400i)

Hello, I want to replace my Fidelio X2 with something more comfortable, I don’t care too much about the sound quality as long as it is decent, I found the following headphones:
Takstar PRO82 - $51.67
Blon B8 - $55.00
HiFiman He400i - $100.00
I wanna go for the B8, is there anything better?

If you are going for comfort, I would say that personally the takstar was the most comfortable one you have listed from my experience

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I heard some dont like the B8. But the Sivga is almost the same with more favored tuning:

The Sivga 002 is well liked also. But the most comfortable headphones ive ever worn are the Beyerdynamic DT series headphones. The DT990 is selling pretty cheap right now. The DT770 is well liked. But if you can get the DT880, their considered pretty great. But the Massdrop 58x really sound nice. and pretty comfortable but they do have a lot of clamp.

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Thanks for the advice but I don’t want to spend that much, I think the B8 with some custom earpads may be the right choice for me, I really like their design and I have heard contrasting opinions about the Takstars.

Takstars are definitely the most comfortable of the bunch

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The 400i is pretty comfortable but is heavy and gets pretty warm

But sound quality is so important :anguished:. if you wanna stay budget at least consider a Aurvana live 50$. it very comfortable and light. and its bio cellulose driver sounds great.

Are those really better than the Takstar Pro 82 or Blon B8?

Well i havnt heard the other 2. but i have the Aurvana. Thing about it is its light and small. i would think more comfortable. and people are always taking about it. i rarely hear about the 82 or B8. maybe someone here can compare? I know someone here bought the B8 and hated it though

in terms of sound I think the CAL is better than the Pro82 in just about every aspect but for build and comfort (your main concern) the Pro82 is lightyears more comfortable and better built

i own both. both sound good. the takstar pro 82 is the most comfortable headphone i have ever had. the aurvana(cal’s) are pretty comfortable as well though. they have smaller cups that can be more on ear then over if you have big ears, but they are also super lightweight.

sound wise, i would say the takstars are more detailed with a wider soundstage and a more clinical sound. crisper high’s and low’s, and a much more neutral over all sound.

the cal’s, on the other hand, are much more engaging. they have a very “fun” tuning with much more bass impact and a generally more pleasing tuning that works well with most music. they sound more “natural” to me then the takstar’s.

so i would get the takstar if comfort is all that matters, you will not be let down. if you want a little more fun tuning, you can try the cal’s. from my own personal experience, the takstar’s are universally comfortable to everyone, but the cal’s are hit or miss with the cup design and size.

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