Headphones for "anyone"?

I was watching zeos’ review of the 2020 sundaras and he mentioned them being the headphones for “anyone”, meaning that they are a good allrounder and don’t really cater to a specific niche. Should there be a list of headphones like this that fit very general use cases for people that just want headphones that are good at “headphoning” in the most basic term? Examples so far being: Sundara 2020’s, Koss KPH30i’s. The intention of this is to give people out of the loop a list of the most direct “better than the last one at simply being headphones” list, in the form of linear travel from good to great varying upon and scaling by price and complexity to use leading to a better general listening experience. I look forward to seeing how people weigh in on this idea!

I have the 2020 Sundara and I would almost agree to call them the headphones for anyone.

I love them. Friends and family are very impressed by them… But due to being trained on the horrible bloaty bass of the bose and sony and beats they are used to listening to almost everyone describes them as not enough bass (eventhough yes, they do provide enough bass. They provide the exact amount of bass the music asks for).

So I’d like to call them the headphone for anyone who wants to listen to the music as is. Clean. Neutral. Spacious. bass as required.


They should be labeled the “I r good headfone for eny1 :>” edition

If available to someone geographically, I still think that at their price, the Sennheiser HD58x do many things great. I think they’re tremendously likeable, and the “narrow soundstage detraction” isn’t going to come from John Q Public.

Sundara takes the prize for this category though, a tremendously balanced headphone.

All said, please power your headphones properly folks.

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