Headphones for audio recording during film shoots

Hey, I’ve been looking for some closed back headphones for audio recording, mainly for recording audio during film shoots and wanted to get some recommendations.

Budget: 200€

Options I looked at so far:

  • Audio Technica ATH50X (seem like the best bang for the buck so far)
  • Sennheiser HD280 Pro
  • Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro (kinda bulky, so not preferred)
  • Sony MDR7506 (classics but feel outdated to me at least)

Can’t go wrong with sony or beyerdynamic.

If you can find a deal on the beyer 700 pro x, I would go for those.

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MDR7506 and HD-25 are common for that application.

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Got to try the DT 700 X, HD25 and ATH-M50X. Decided to go with the DT 700 X cuz I liked the sound a lot and the earpads are hella comfy.

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