Headphones for drum and bass music

Hi All

So I use a pair of 1000xm2 on my daily commute and every time some drum and bass comes on I smile like a constipated giraffe… So this got me thinking, why do giraffes make that expression, but more importantly what kind of headphone could I use for this at home.

As I like the Sony signature for that sound, and the way the bass hits hard, should I get the Z7’s or would something like an M1060C or LCD2c be the better call?

I am running and SU-8 and a little dot 1+ and waiting on the 789 drop to ship.

Cheers for any suggestions.

I listen to mainly Jungle, Breakcore, Acidtekno, Crossreed etc

I have the HD650, the He4xx and i love them. I bought the M1060 about 4 Months ago and since than, they are my headphones of choice for listening to Junglestuff. Im tripping regularly with them and its amazing every time. Im searching for a step up in terms of a Planar headphone, but till than i completely happy with the M1060. How they create the Sound,fits very well to the Nature of Junglemusic. Im talking about Jungle music, coz its drum and bass, but its different. I dont know how much you are into the DnB genre, but Jungle has way less kickdrums compared to other things like neurofunk or Dancefloor dnb.
The fast Drumbreaks suit perfectly to the planar s imho. Nonethelesss, i can only talk from my own headphones - HD650, Sennheiser Pxc550, Sennheiser Momentum, Hifiman HE-4XX and the M1060 and they Sound the best for my beloved music. Just my thought, since i dont have soo much knowledge of different headphones.

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Take a look of the Schiit Loki,maybe is a 4 Band Equalizer better as a new Headphone.So you can adjust it yourself what you would.More Base no Problem,more treble no problem,midrange no problem.

So i have adjust my Setup.I have miss more Base in my Headphone and with the Schiit Loki i have resolut this Problem.
It just depended what Dac you have.When you have RCA in and output is okay easy way to conecting.
You have just an RCA output on your Dac,you need a seperate Amp.
Connecting from the Dac RCA output to the Loki,from the Loki to the Amp.
For the Amp you can take a look to Schiit Magni 3 or Jds Labs Atom.They are a good amps for nice price.
You have Buy 4 good Headphones how are not shit.Why you would buy a nother one ,when you can push the 4 Headphones with a little bit Hardware?

I have ordered Audeze LCD2-C yesterday. I will report :wink:

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Looking forward to your thoughts!

I found Audeze to be killer on my neck, I had a pair of the LCD 4z and they were great but super heavy and I found the bass to be muddying up the music at times. I eventually sold them and now have the Final Audio D8000 and these things PUNCH with bass and have an amazing soundstage and clarity. I listen to mostly 80s electronic and new wave stuff and they are perfect for that and newer music as well.